he/him/it/its 25yrs furry artist [hobbyist] anxious ツi don't do commissions here - small talk makes me anxious - i don't RP yes, you can draw my characters!
you can find my link in the Gallery Links section :]
no you cannot use my characters for personal/private reasons, without permission; do not repost/recreate my artwork under any circumstances.
★ if i made art for you, you can use it as an icon or banner. ★
ask me for repost permission. if you need edits, let me know.

clicking on the images will navigate to you to other sections of this carrd!

this is one of my alt accounts, specifically for posting fanart i make! my main art alias is iDoodle2Draw [linked below]

Do not interact if..

you're a:
minor/under 18 [my account produces and interacts with NSFW content sometimes]; pedophile; racist; unfriendly towards LBGTQI+ content; etc. !!

Fandoms i draw for

Among Us Super Mario [Yoshi/Koopa] MLP:FiM Pokémon [Mystery Dungeons] Sonic the Hedgehog

other fandoms i enjoy

LAPFOX / HALLEY LABS Fall Guys Undertale Lethal League Nuclear Throne Flight Rising Full Metal Alchemist Soul Eater FNAF

i retweet art of Pokémon, Among Us, Super Mario World, Sonic TH, and Fall Guys the most! i will occasionally RT art from other fandoms listed above.

About Me & what i do

my handle "MarqueerAsHell" is a spin of my name Marquer, but with 2 E's because i'm gay as hell and draw a lot of queer content.a lot of people confuse my/characters' name to be 'Marqueer,' which is honestly a silly nickname, but is not the actual case xD Marquer is pronounced "marker," commonly shortened to Marq [pronounced "Mark"]

despite drawing fanart, i'm infamous for making fan character OCs, of which i may build stories for!
my most notable case of this [as of current] would be my Among Us beans /w\ they are my current obsession- though what i draw may be inconsisent and unpredictable. i just draw what makes me happy [or sad, i draw a lot of sad things too].
my ambition is to create comics depicting my characters and their stories/interactions!
in the meantime, i post thumbnails, sketch ideas/planning, and mushy gay things to keep myself going 🤍
you may find more information about a scene/snippet of a story by going through the replies to each art post!! people tend to ask questions- and me, as someone who tends to ramble, will give more insight on what's going on!
i love questions !! they're always welcome
please note! sometimes my content gets uncomfortable, THIS IS INTENDED!
i vent/translate my hardships and traumas through my characters in their stories- whether directly or indirectly, NSFW or not!
its my account n' i post what i want, things get sad/upsetting sometimes!

How to avoid NSFW


i add "CW // NSFW" on any post that includes spicy content.
after that initial warning, i will add terms that indicate what the content contains [suggestive; nudity; specific fetishes etc.].
example: CW // NSFW suggestive male nudity as for Among Us art,
if you wish to enjoy that content without running into any spicy beans
i will put the following CW // terms:
on those posts! 'au' either stands for Among Us or Alternate Universe, both apply.
possible NSFW content i may post:
> intersex / andromorph **i don't CW these
> size difference / abdominal bulge **i don't CW these
> Mpreg [male/he/him/andromorph pregnancy]
> cum inflation / cum-through / all-the-way-through
> hyper gentilia
if any of these subjects bother you, please add the terms [hyphens included] to your Muted Words list in your Settings -> Privacy and safety -> Mute and block -> Muted words.
remember that you can mute phrases / multiple words with spaces!
if i post content without including terms you muted- don't hesitate to call me out for it and i'll see about reposting it with the proper warnings! and will try to do better

i can't control who views my work- but if you interact with my 18+ work and i catch that you're a minor- you'll be blocked!i'm too busy to check everyone so PLEASE be safe and vigilent

specific gallery links

- LAPFOX / HALLEY LABS [Twitter (Moment)] - [Twitter (threads)] - [FurAffinity]
- Flight Rising [Twitter (Moment)] - [Twitter (threads)] - [FurAffinity]
- Lethal League / Blaze [Twitter (Moment)] - [Twitter (thread)] - [FurAffinity]
- Undertale [Twitter (thread)] - [FurAffinity]
- Nuclear Throne [Twitter (thread)]
- FNAF [Twitter (thread)]


thank you so much for reading stay safe!